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Evolution says the matter that exists is eternal. That time space and energy started with the Big bang. But that's wrong. The reason is that before the big bang time, matter and energy also existed, but it did not explode. The energy before the big bang was contained, but was present. So I do not agree with scientists. They just choose a moment and say that everything before the big bang is not relevant. Where's the scientific proof of not being relevant? Everything we see around is, is action and reaction. Nothing exists unless something happened before. You can't have a bread without a baker. Everything we see has a starting point of existence.

We Christians believe that God created matter and everything you see. And God is eternal. It's written in the bible (inspired by God) Bible quote Genesis 1:1-31 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.". picture of

With evolution you can conclude that life has no meaning, you exist because of chance. There is no life after death. There is no reason for you to exist. With evolution you have no future, there is only now. Because in the future you will certainly die and become only dust.

We Christians know from the bible that God created you to live next to God. That your existence is planned by God. But humans choose to sin and the penalty is death. The world is slowly becoming a darker world. The 10 bible commandments are good, many people say that. But if you look at how many people lie, kill, rape, cheat, sex with everything or everyone (incl. children, babies, animals) are allowed in certain groups (and those groups are increasing in number), steal, you will notice that the people call this "open minded". To overcome death He send Jesus to die on the cross to pay for everything you have done wrong. God's direction for your life is to show you the path that will give you best things of live, according to His will. He wants to give you eternal life after death. In that eternal life you can start to continue to know Him and do things you never inmagined!

Both evolution and creation require exceptional faith. Mystery question: Eternal matter or eternal God?
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