picture of website creator in cartoon style as black sheep with a holy ring, because of what Jesus has done for me. I am Chihwah Li. Jesus is my Lord and only by His blood I am holy. Been Christian for some time, but my spirit never continued to grow, because I was not reading the bible and praying much. That changed in 2012 and started to read the bible almost daily. The frequent bible reading gave me even more peace, on top of the peace which I got when I got baptized. As you can see I drew myself as a cartoon black sheep with glasses and a holy ring above my head. It's not what I do that makes me holy. It's what Jesus Christ has done.
This website is made with HTML5, CSS. The pictures are drawn with a Wacom Intuos 4M and the free painting program Gimp. As you have noticed the website is not straight or very aligned. After a while I liked it as it is. It reminds me that this world has no perfection. Even if you tried and gave your life, it still is imperfect. For Jesus said: "Isn't only God Good ?". I hope you appreciate the style because of the idea behind it. The pictures may be used by you, if you don't modify them. Keep them as they are.

The idea for this website is to tell people like you about Jesus. And help Christian young or old to learn things with the help of pictures and animations. I am just a little sheep like most of you all. But if you have a question that I could assist with. Pray first then send an e-mail. God answers and provides solutions on His time and according to His will.
To contact me: info(@)thelittlesheep.org (remove the () to make the e-mail work. They are there to protect me from e-mail spambots.)
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